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The keynote of our company is to create software in the form of SaaS, which will bring together in one place a full set of tools to facilitate the daily work of small businesses.


System for managing projects and team tasks. Thanks to Intum, daily work is a system for managing projects and tasks of teams in the company. Ultimately it will be a set of tools necessary in business management.


The most popular system for online finance and invoicing in Poland. Fakturownia also offers a number of additional functions that facilitate the everyday life of entrepreneurs.


Easy-to-use CRM with chat, e-mail and VoIP. Sugester facilitates the day-to-day management of processes in the company.


Thanks to InvoiceOcean - the English-language version of Fakturownia - you can create and send a correct invoice in a format accepted all over the world. You can also create invoices in a language other than English or bilingual.


Invoicing system for Czech entrepreneurs. It develops dynamically, offering more and more useful tools for companies.


The Ukrainian version of the Fakturownia system, which allows Ukrainian entrepreneurs to create invoices in their language. The system is tailored to the Ukrainian legal requirement.


One of the most popular invoicing systems in France. Offers several subscription plans and additional features.


The Spanish invoicing system in Poland is constantly developed on the basis of its Polish counterpart.


A system that allows you to create your own website or online store without programming knowledge.


Website content management system mainly for municipal and city offices.

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